Smartphone armbands for running

Smartphone armbands for running

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There are so many ways to stay healthy. You can run, ride a bicycle, jog and dance and so much more. However, running and jogging is the most commonly exercised way of staying fit and healthy and even losing weight. Running constantly for 20 or 30 minutes gets tough if you don’t have your smartphone along, swinging easily to the beat of your favorite songs. The struggle of holding to your smartphone all through your run is real. It can fall from your hands easily and sometimes, you need to stop in the middle to get a proper hold on it too. This is exactly why smartphone armbands were created. These armbands not only allow us to carry our smartphones with ease but also keep your small accessories like keys etc. along.

Best Smartphone armbands for running

Making the best choice in deciding which armband is best for you is hard. There are definitely a lot of choices out there in the market but all of them are not the best. Thus, we have summed up some of the best smartphone armbands for runners here.

Key nice Multifunctional Running Arm bag

Some people don’t find satisfaction in a small band and this is why this amazing thing has been created. It is the smallest bag that you can get but it has the ability to hold your smartphone along with other accessories fitting in it just finely. This arm bag has the capacity of fitting in your 3.5 to 5.8 inches smartphone in it easily. It has double pockets which mean that aside from your keys and small accessories, you can also keep your healthy snacks in here. It comes with an 11 inch belt which is obviously adjustable according to the size of your arm.

Yomole Multifunctional Armband

If you have a pretty large phone, like the iPhone 7 Plus, then this armband is your best friend. This armband is extremely comfortable to wear as it is made up of neoprene and mesh which is breathable. The mesh offers extra comfort. The soft and adjustable strap makes it easy to be worn while you are running and it feels real soft against your skin too. Another amazing feature about this armband is that it has a clear screen protector. You don’t have to worry about your sweaty palms and dirty hands and simply navigate through your phone, attend calls or send texts easily, without damaging your phone at all. Inside the armband is a separate section which offers you enough space to let your keys and small running accessories fit in easily.

Topist Running Armband

If you have a big phone or tablet, then this armband is your best choice to make. The armband is made up of neoprene which makes it super comfortable to wear while you run for long time. it also has a small area which allows you to keep your small personal belongings along. It comes with an extra loop on the side which allows you to keep your headphones in the right place. this does not come with a screen protector but it has a plastic front which lets you use your phone with sweaty palms without making it dirty. Moreover, the fabric of this armband is resistant to water, sweat and sand.


Running gets hard when you have to focus on handling your smartphone along too. This is why a simple armband can solve the problem for you and it doesn’t cost you a lot as well. Therefore, let your running experience be fine and keep your smartphone and healthy snacks along while you run.