The Must have clothes for Serious Runners

Serious runners are usually prepping for the marathon, aren’t they? Do it fun or do it for an ambition, running is a great hobby to possess. Athletes love running and that is what aids them in being healthy, sprightly and incredible too. However, a serious runner has a lot more to focus upon, apart from his or her running practices. And by this I mean, they need to focus on their wardrobe. Even if you are not a serious runner, fall brings along some amazing runners out of everyone as the cooler temperature makes it easier to run for miles. So what are the must have clothes for a runner in their wardrobe? What should they have? Here is a list of all the must have clothes of serious runners and this will help you stay updated with everything that you need.

Compression Socks

compression socksNo matter what the weather is, compression socks are a must have for all the runners out there. They help in keeping your feet active and don’t let you get tired too soon. There is less fatigue with compression socks. If you have to run a lot on some days then these compression socks do bring a large difference. These also help in keeping your swelling away and keep the feet blood flow amazing too. There is some amazing science behind the compression socks for sure as they keep your feet at ease on long runs and even on travelling days. Thus it is a must have for all the serious runners.

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Brooks Fly-by Hoodie

Brooks has brought some excellent comfort and ease through this hoodie for all runners. As winters are on the way, make sure to grab this one. The thumb holes prevent your sleeves from rolling up. The pockets of this Brooks hoodie are designed extremely in a smart manner so that your phone fits in perfectly and you don’t have any fear of it popping out while you run. It is just for $98 and is perfect for all serious runners for the winter season.

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Tank Top

This is a must have for summers. The running apparel must have a tank top as it is the most comfortable piece of clothing that a runner can possess during the sunny days. As the lengths vary, you can take a small or a tunic length tank top too. Tank tops allow you to bring some color and pattern to your running wardrobe too. As it is more of a summer must have, explore the bright color combinations and look stunning in your running attire too.

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Jogger Tights

Warm jogger tights are vital for your winter running wardrobe. Oiselle is an amazing company in bringing the perfect pair of tights for you this fall with extreme comfort and warmth. The flat waistband makes it easy to wear and run in and the supportive compression fabric allows your legs to breathe and stay at comfort while you run for miles. These are perfect for all the female runners out there and will make running in winters just perfect.

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Nike Aeroloft Vest

As the winter season is on way, getting stuck in a rain while you are out for a run is a common thing to happen. This is why rain jackets and vests are created and what can be better than a Nike Aeroloft vest? The water repellant finish to this vest is what makes it unique and amazing to buy. Another great thing about it is that it has a perfect fitting and zipper so that you can run with ease. There are definitely other brands too which offer you water repellent vests and running jackets. Make sure that you invest in one for your winter running wardrobe.

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Running shoes

running shoesRunning shoes also vary from seasons to seasons. You need to keep separate running shoes for summers and a separate pair for winters too. This is a very obvious and common need of a serious runner. However, there is a lot that needs to be invested in the right shoes. Make sure that you pick the perfect pair of running shoes and do ask the shop keeper about the features it offers you as a runner. Doing some research online will help you. Nike and Adidas are amazing brands when it comes to bringing some incredibly fine running shoes to the serious athletes out there. Make sure to possess winter and summer running shoes separately.

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Running Shorts

running shortsA must have in your summer running wardrobe is a pair or two of running shorts. Make sure that they have pockets with a proper fitting that promises to keep your phone in a proper fix. You can carry your keys, a small snack (like almonds or strawberries) or phone in them. And don’t purchases lose running shorts as they don’t keep your thighs warm and you need to be warm while you run. So make sure to have a perfect fitting too.

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Sports Bra

sports braOkay so this is quite obvious for all the female runners out there but I am still adding it in the list because it is a major must have. The fabric varies from summers to winters thus you will have a set of different sports bra for each season. You need to pay attention to the fitting. The best way is to keep your measurements in your mind before you go buying one. Never go ahead for buy cheap sports bra. Always head out to proper gym or athletes wear stores or brands for this as it will bring quality and some helpful features along too. A proper runner will understand this perfectly.





So this is all that a serious runner, whether male or female, must have in their running apparel. It all varies season to season, thus don’t forget to keep a separate pair of shoes and sports bra for summers and winters. Also try picking the best brands and athletes stores for this purpose, which deliver excellence and quality to you. Running is an art and you need to invest in your art properly to make it shine for you.