The Clothes you need for running in winters

The Clothes you need for running in winters

running in winter

It is that time of the year again when the breeze is chilled and the woolen sweaters are hung in our wardrobes and the vibes of coziness have surrounded us immensely. Winters are all about staying in blankets, with a hot cup of coffee, trying to avoid the fact that you have some pending assignments and other chores to attend to? However, when it comes to running, it cannot be put to a hold for the months of winters. The cold breeze makes it really hard to imagine running wildly but if you have the right clothes then you can do so easily.

It is quite obvious that your summer shorts and light, breezy tank tops won’t keep you warm in winters and you definitely cannot run freely in them too. You don’t want to catch pneumonia in the freezing cold, do you? So you need to have a separate wardrobe for your running spree in winters. What is it that you need for running in winters? Let’s see!

1. Base Layer

In winters, you need a base layer to keep you warm. There are wool wicks which promise to keep you warm and they are quite affordable too. Merino wool keeps you the warmest. It is essential to get your hands on one synthetic layer so that you stay warm while running for miles, easily.

2. Wind Resistant Pants

I mean this is really important and quite obvious. The chill wind is what scares us from stepping outside our house for work even and running seems totally out of question. Thanks to the amazing advancements in the running apparels, you can now get your hands on winter wind resistant pants easily. running with warm tights is great for the beginning weeks of winters but as the weather takes a toll, wind resistant pants become a must have.

3. Running Tights

Running tights for winters keep your legs warm in fall. They aren’t too warm and they aren’t too thin; this is what makes them great for the beginning of winter season. The magic of compression in running tights is what makes them stand out and perfect for all the runners who cannot imagine calling quits to their running in any season. Running tights bring compression which obviously means that your blood flow in the area of your legs remains good and provides the required warmth to your thighs and legs completely.

4. Jacket

So a running jacket is not your casual coat that you wear to wok or outside while you hang out with friends. This jacket means that it is water and wind resistant and although it keeps you warm, it needs to be light. The stiff and heavy coats and jackets are not made for running at all. They make it impossible to run. You will see a wide variety of running jackets in the market these days as the running apparel has taken an obvious toll.

5. Gloves

Stiff and cold hands ache and make your work out seem too hard. This is where gloves become a must have for all runners in the winter season. Running outside can add to the roughness of hands as the wind touches your skin harshly while you run. Gloves keep your hands warm and provide better compression to them, promoting proper blood flow and warmth. Just make sure that your gloves are not bulky as you don’t want your hands to feel heavy. Running gloves are now accessible which make the task much easier.

6. Goggles

We have all had the eye freezing experience while we run in utter cold weather. It seems like your brain is freezing. It is not good from a healthy point of view too. Buying a pair of goggles is going to help your eyes stay warm and not freeze. For the cold and windy days, goggles are going to be your best savior for sure.

Don’t let the weather scare your running motivation away. If you are a running freak then you need to stay warm and keep your winter running wardrobe updated. Make sure that you follow the winter color palette too because you don’t want to fall out of style now, do you?