Healthy Snacks which give you Energy for Running

Healthy Snacks which give you Energy for Running

healthy food for running

Healthy eating allows you to have a positive and energetic start to your day and it also assures you a wonderful day ahead. Running is one of the best exercises that one can do, not just for staying fit or losing weight but for killing stress, controlling mood swings and energizing oneself. Dragging yourself throughout the day is hard and requiring the right amount of energy is also important. You need to have some basic healthy snacks or foods up your sleeves, so that you ca run just fine and not give up in the middle. Therefore, here are some healthy snacks which give you energy to run and to walk throughout the day without stress and other issues, looming over you. Be energetic and be happy with healthy eating.


Snack 1: Oatmeal

healthy snacks for running

Oatmeal allows your day start your day with grains. Keep in mind that carbs are really essential to kick start your body early in the morning. It is the core source of energy for human body. Don’t make carbs the bad guys because if they are taken in through an appropriate meal, they are the best you can get. Oatmeal gives you an energetic boost which is long lasting as they take some time to be absorbed. They are packed with Vitamin, folate, and thiamin. These ingredients combine and give you the perfect functionality and amazingly running metabolism that you require.


Snack 2: Yogurt

If all you need is an energetic boost before you go running off, yogurt is your best bet. Yogurt has lactose which is a milk sugar and it is known for the energy it provides to human body. Yogurt is also packed with protein which keeps the absorption of lactose gradual and you energy obviously lasts longer.


Snack 3: Strawberries

An easy “eat and go run” snack!! A handful of strawberries are capable of giving you an energy boost. They are not only going to allow you to run a little longer but they also bring the energy to drag through the last tolerable office hours. It is better than the candy bar that attracts you now and then and is definitely more juicy and delicious too.


Snack 4: Spinach

Spinach is the protein guy! It enhances your efficiency and makes you run just fine, without losing your energy. The mitochondria found in spinach are reported to help the human cells in producing energy that lasts long. It is also famous as the power food as it is packed with protein. Make a quick spinach snack and store it. Just before you go running, have some spoons of it and stay healthy.


Snack 5: Almonds

Almonds are known as the power house as they contain magnesium which is a major element which makes human muscles function perfectly, giving them the required energy. People who have low magnesium level also have low energy and they get tired really soon while working out. Almonds also contain Vitamin B, folate, thiamin and riboflavin. These elements convert the food into energy and allow you to run an extra mile, without tiring out.

Heading out to run? Make sure that you have taken one of these quick snacks. Or you can easily keep some almonds or strawberries along with you too. Start your day with oatmeal and you won’t need anything else to be your power charger and don’t forget to munch on some strawberries to stay energetic.