What is important in the diet of a runner?

What is important in the diet of a runner?

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The emerging, negative concept of quitting on food if you want to say fit, smart and sexy is intolerable. The nutrient bars and fortified food packages aren’t really worthy. There is so much more that a human body needs. It does not demand for the fortified food packages. It demands for real fruits and veggies which bring the real form of energy and nutrients to it. not that I am blaming the protein bars and supplementary food for bad diets. They are essential for serious runners. But there is so much of real food that is really important and must never be overlooked. Thus, here is a list of all the foods that are important in the diet of a runner.


They are small but damn! They carry so much importance for humans and especially for runners. Runners need to take in a handful of almonds 3-4 times per week. Don’t eat it daily though because excess of anything can get prove to be wrong. Almonds are one of the finest sources of Vitamin E. this helps in keeping the cholesterol level constant and good. If you have high cholesterol then running can become hard for you. Thus, eating almonds 3-4 times per weeks is going to lower your cholesterol level automatically. Some studies also say that almonds help in reduction of cancer risk too.


Eggs are really important in the diet of a runner. An egg has the ability to fulfil 10% of your body’s protein daily intake. Egg protein contributes to the muscle recovery which is very important for runners and should not be overlooked at all. One or two boiled eggs per day can help you recover your muscles perfectly. Even one egg per day is great to keep the protein content good in your body. Moreover, you don’t need to be finicky about the cholesterol present in eggs at all because it is extremely beneficial. Scrambled, poached and boiled eggs are the best way to take in eggs on daily basis. You can take fried eggs too sometimes.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes offer you Vitamin C, iron, potassium, copper and manganese. Majority of the runners have major copper and manganese deficiency and they fail to fulfill it. This is because the word “sweet” doesn’t let them believe the fact that this food item has a real capacity of doing something good to their bodies. However, sweet potatoes have so much of benefits in them that they cannot be considered the bad guys at all. The purple skinned sweet potatoes are also readily accessible in the market these days. They are a wonderful source of antioxidants (the one that are found in berries).


Oranges have the power to reduce the soreness in your muscles after a long and tiring downhill workout or running experience. Oranges have almost 100% of the DV for the antioxidant that is found in Vitamin C. moreover, the herperidin found in oranges is a very powerful antioxidant. It is found in the zest of the oranges. Moreover, it also contributes to stabilizing the blood pressure and keeping the cholesterol level low, which is really important for runners. You can get oranges a whole or add them as a major element in your salads. Orange juice is also great to add to your daily diet.

Black Beans

One cup of black beans is able to provide 30% of DV for protein. Moreover, it also offers 60% of DV for fiber and even 60% of DV for folate which is a major Vitamin B element. Folate helps in circulating the blood around the human body perfectly ad also strengthens the heart. This is why it is important for runners to add black beans to their diet. It reduces risks of heart disease and high cholesterol levels. Black beans are also famous for providing with a perfect bang of energy which is needed by all runners to run for miles without getting tired. Black beans are make you more active and don’t let your muscles remain sore for too long. They recover the soreness amazingly. Black beans also keep sugar levels maintained which is a super plus factor for runners.

Well, these 5 foods are some of the best and most important foods to be added in the diet of a runner. A good diet is able to boost the energy of a runner and keep them healthy all along too. It also helps in recovering the muscles which get sore after intense and long running. Where protein and nutrient bars and fortified food are also great to add to a runner’s diet, nothing beats the amazingness of real food, fruits and vegetables. If you are a serious runner or you are beginning your journey in the running world, make sure to keep these in your daily diet.