Supplements for Runners

Supplements for Runners
supplements for runners

Serious runners are always in search of things that can enhance their performance and boost their energy to keep them going for long time spans. Anything that increases their endurance and also keeps their health maintained is a great thing to possess for runners out there. The supplement market is filled with variety for runners which allow them to boost their energy and keep their endurance level high. If you are looking for some great supplements, then you have dropped by at the right place. Here is a list of the best supplements for runners which are amazing and have some fruitful benefits for the runners too. Let’s dig in and find about these supplements.

1. Glutamine supplements for runners

Glutamine is basically fuel to your immune cells. It is an important element found in human blood plasma and muscles. It is a non-essential amino acid and it begins to deplete due to intense stress of running and working out. Low glutamine levels mean that you are prone to diseases and that is definitely not what a runner wants. Therefore, a serious runner needs to pay attention to their glutamine levels seriously. If you are working under an instructor then he will guide you better about the amount that you should consume. However, 20mg is recommended if you want to keep your muscles safe from being catabolized. It also aids in keeping a runners body well-hydrated. It also improves digestion and creates a healthy internal system.

2. L-Carnitin

This supplement is famous as it burns the fats. Thus all the runners whose final motive is to lose weight, use this supplement. It also aids in body building. As a lot of runners are great body builders too, this supplement is a power bank for them. This supplement also allows provides the runners body with extra energy so that they can run an extra mile and keep improving with every passing day. It also helps in creating red blood cells which keeps the level of oxygen accurate in runners. Consult your instructor about the amount you should be taking.

3. Fish Oil

If you are looking for an incredible endurance based supplement then fish oil is a great choice to consider. The human body absorbs the omega 3 fatty acids and the runners feel less inflammation and the stress risks also fall immensely. It also helps in the reduction of muscle damage and keeps the immune system strong. Fish Oil capsules are available easily and Optimum Nutrition is worth recommendation here. Usually runners take 2 or 3 capsules per day but it is always best to consult your instructor first or a health doctor that you visit.

4. Calcium

If your bones don’t have sufficient calcium, are you even a serious runner? Running requires endless energy and body endurance levels must be high. If you lack calcium in your body, you are never going to run properly and will soon give up. Calcium supplements are easily accessible on all pharmacies and they help runners in preventing knees fractures, feet stress and other injuries that can be caused while running. Negative state of calcium in human body leads to bone loss which is certainly not an option for runners at all. This supplement also boosts the metabolic system and strengthens the human body amazingly. 1000mg supplement of calcium is usually taken by runners but if you feel like your knees are stressing a lot and your bones hurt more than they should, then consult a doctor and don’t forget to mention that you are a runner. They will prescribe the right amount of calcium to you.


These are only some of the most basic and vital supplements for a runner. They are really important and can be taken easily under the instruction of a trainer or a doctor. The amount is prescribed after a proper checkup, so no one should try to set your own intake. Make sure that you consult a doctor or your running trainer before you start using a supplement.