Training Schedules

Running is a healthy activity and it helps you to become much healthier in a quick way. It is difficult for many people to draw up a good training schedule and to get better at running with this. In this article, I am going to help you with making a training schedule and to become much better at running.

Do not begin too hard for yourself

It is important to not start too hard for yourself. If you start directly with an enormous hard training schedule, you can get muscle pain and you will get unmotivated. Start light and simple and build this up slowly to get a harder training schedule.

Estimate your own level

Before you make a training schedule, you have to estimate your own level. I think it is easy to estimate a level just to look how far someone can run until the person can bear no more. Be careful that you don’t go too far! A lot of people push themselves to the limits and that isn’t the intention at all. Under here, you can find some of the training schedules which I have made for different levels.

Running Schedules For Beginners

For people who can run less than 2 km, it is smart to run three or four times per week. Don’t run less, but also don’t run too much, because your muscles need a lot of time to recover.
For the first 2 weeks, you better run 1 km at your own pace, during your first session.
The next 2 weeks, you can build to 1,5 km and, also, the next 2 weeks to 2 km.
After this, you should carry on with 3 km. If you want to do more, I recommend you to continue with the next training schedule.

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Running schedules for Advanced Runners

This training schedule is for people who can run 2 to 5 km. Here, I recommend you to run four to five times per week. Your muscles are able to do a bit more than people who can run less than 2 km and you are more motivated. The schedule is almost the same as the previous schedule, but only with further distances. If you run up to 6 km, I recommend you to continue with the next training schedule.

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Running schedules for Expert Runners

If you run more than 5 km (non-stop), then it will be time to work more on your running speed. In this case, the distances are less relevant. Try to run 6 days per week. So much training is very important because your muscles are able to handle so much that they need a very high training frequency to grow.

It is also very smart to buy yourself a watch or to download an application which can track your speed. Test the speed at which you normally run and run 1 km per hour faster in your next session. Try to run 1 km per hour faster during every two weeks until you run 14 km per hour.  Then run 6 to 10 km and if you reach this point, I would try to run 10 km, six days a week at an average of 14 km per hour. If you reach this level, you are so good at running that it is even more difficult to become better!


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Do not force yourself to become better at each training schedule, because that isn’t the way it should be. Watch yourself and check how fast you think you get better. Only make your training schedule more difficult, if you think you are ready for it.