What to look for when buying a Treadmill?

What to look for when buying a treadmill?

buying a treadmill

The most basic equipment which is used for maximizing the exercise experience is a treadmill. A lot of people use it for their workouts and other people utilize it for their practices for marathon or because they cannot head outside daily for running. Whatever might be your reason, buying a treadmill is not as easy as it might look. A lot of people struggle to make the right choice while buying a treadmill as they have no idea about the features it must have and they have never compared the prices and specifications. The variety out there is endless when it comes to workout equipment’s. There is a diversity of treadmills that you have access to these days and it makes purchasing one, even tougher. Therefore, it is really important to know about the very basic features that a treadmill must contain and then you should have a price comparison done too. The internet world has made life so much easier as it allows you to do all the research, by lounging on your couch.

Must have Features in a Treadmill

So what features should a treadmill must have? Have you ever gone through the different features that a simple treadmill has to offer you? Have you ever seen what advancements have been made to it and how a hefty price tag varies from a mediocre one? What is the expensive treadmill offering you that the normally priced one isn’t? Are the additional features of the treadmill worth it to pay an extra $1000 or it doesn’t make much of a different to you? PHEW! There are so many questions to pay attention to which we hardly think about before heading out to buy a treadmill. Thus, here are some features that you must look forward to before you purchase one.

1. Motor

Where is the core of a treadmill? The motor is its heart! The motor should have 2.5 HP if you are planning to just walk steady and fast on the treadmill. However, if you prefer jogging, then the motor of the treadmill must be 3.0 HP. don’t forget to check the warranty of the motor. A lot of people don’t pay attention to it and then it is certainly too late to argue with the company, once you have bought it. The warranty coverage is a huge sign that the motor is going to work fine and smooth and that the treadmill is good to buy. Usually the poor or low quality treadmills don’t give motor warranty coverage because it starts bringing issues too early.

2. Size of the Belt

The standard length of a treadmill belt should be between 22 by 55 inches in length. This standard belt size is perfect for almost all types of heights. But if you are above 6 feet in height, then you need to buy a treadmill with a belt size of 60 inches. This is also a good belt size for people who wish to jog vigorously on the treadmill. The above 6 feet people will also find a 60 inch belt better for them as it brings in more room for movement. If you are short heighted, then then the first mentioned standard belt size is good to go for you.

3. Console

Console holds a lot of importance as it is the basic thing that you will be staring at while you run or jog on the treadmill. The options for consoles are endless out there as the variety has expanded largely. However, a console must have some things which are important to pay attention to. First, the console should be backlit. A console without a backlit will get hard to read. The lighting in the workout area maters a lot but the console must be backlit. You are investing in it and it will be really hard to focus on it if it is hard to read. It can also disrupt your workout. Secondly, the console should be easy to understand and function with. The stop and start buttons must be easy to reach and the touch system should be smooth. Other features like iPod docks and speakers are definitely a plus but it all depends on your investment.

4. Heart Rate Monitor

The advancements of treadmills have gifted us this and it is really important. Having a pulse and heart rate sensor is great if you are planning to function with a treadmill at home. A wireless chest strap is also preferred as it is said to give more accurate results. A lot of treadmills these days come with chest straps which are amazingly compatible with the exercise equipment. Make sure that you buy a treadmill with this feature as it ensures secure working out at home and you can stop whenever your pulse speeds up.

5. Cushioning

The top notch quality treadmills have amazingly comfortable cushioning. A good cushion is important for your hips, back and thighs. If you are picking a branded treadmill then you don’t really have to bother about the cushioning as they pay attention to it just right. However, the adjustable cushioning system these days needs to be checked upon before buying it. See whether the cushioning is comfortable or not and whether it is handy enough to use or not.

Looking deeply into these features before you buy a treadmill is really important. Overlooking them can easily make your decision a bad move.

Price Comparisons

As mentioned earlier, the variety out there makes the analysis a much more difficult journey than it is. The various price tags play with your mind and make you confused, leaving you hopeless about which one to buy. So here are some things that you need to know about the pricing of treadmills.

First, you need to determine your need for a treadmill. Do you really need it? Are you using it for running or jogging? The purpose defines the price rate too. How much are you willing to invest in a treadmill? The machines that you prefer need to be compared in terms of prices. Get detailed information about their prices and what are they offering you in that price. If a $2000 is offering you everything that a $2500 treadmill is then you know which one to pick. People, who prefer a simple Bluetooth attachment feature, usually do so because of their luxurious lifestyle and wants. A brochure of the treadmill will help you see all the details in depth and this will allow you to have a good price comparison too. Sometimes, the best and affordable priced treadmill doesn’t have a good console or the cushioning lacks comfort. So you need to compare the features before you compare the price; these two go hand in hand. A little high costed treadmill is usually the one which brings all the features which are required along with comfort too. If you are planning to buy a branded treadmill, then do compare 2-3 best treadmill brands and their prices. This will allow you to pick the most affordable and great treadmill too. Although brands are usually amazing but sometimes one brand is able to bring you some incredible features that the other one is unable to introduce. Thus, don’t forget to compare brands too.


To sum it all up, your investment matters a lot and you need to put your money in the right place to receive the best. If you are a serious runner or you are looking forward to some greatly dedicated workout, then don’t forget to make your investment count. A treadmill without an iPod dock is going to work fine but if its console is not good and it does not bring a good motor, it is pretty much useless and it will wear out sooner than you think. So must know what features are important and how you need to compare the prices to buy the best.