What different types of Treadmills exist?

What different types of Treadmills exist?

types of treadmills

The journey of treadmills began back in 1875 and it has now come a long way. Equipment which started off as a minor tool actually became a huge medical treadmill in 1952. If we look around today, treadmills have altered majorly and have become great equipment for healthy living and running at your own comfort zone too. Treadmills vary from style to style and how they function also differs. Every other treadmill will have its very own set of functionalities and that is what makes the choice harder for the audience.

So here is a quick guide to different types of treadmills that exist and how they differ from one another.

Primary Types of Treadmills

Talking about the types of treadmills, the basic and most primary types are classified into manual, motorized and hybrid treadmills. How do they differ from one another and how each one of these function, it is all in here. Let’s get started!

1. Manual Treadmills

Manual treadmills have nothing much to do with technology as they don’t run with electricity and don’t have a console which shows off your progress and other basic data on it. Manual treadmills are real simple as they have rollers attached beneath them which run or move according to your movement when you walk or run on the belt of the treadmill. These treadmills have nothing to with electricity which somehow manages to power your effort. However, manual treadmill is all about your own effort and how much you can sustain. You are the one who is in utter control of the motion and pace of the treadmill.


A lot of people prefer annual treadmills as they are really affordable and are easy to store in homes too. They take up really little space. Moreover, some models in the manual treadmills get folded up too which mean that you can actually just put it away in a corner safely after working out at any time of the day. This saves you a lot of space and allows you to keep your home gym neat and clean.


Manual treadmills don’t allow you to “set” your speed. You need to build it by walking or running on the belt at your very own pace.  You need to be really careful about the manual treadmills as they don’t have an emergency stop button. You need to hold to the belt firmly and jump with both of your feet to keep balance. You can also slow down and wait for the treadmill to gradually come to a slower speed and then you can get off it carefully.

2. Motorized Treadmills

The second most basic type of treadmills is motorized treadmills. These have a rotating belt which is driven by an electric motor, as the name suggests. According to studies, motorized treadmills bring along various features. Moreover, they are capable of offering you a much better and smooth walking and running experience. They are also said to be sturdier than the manual treadmills due to their motor. But obviously, motorized treadmills will cost way more than a manual treadmill and they are not foldable thus they will be taking up a lot of space too.


It is also preferred more because runners find it more appropriate and smart for running and fitness reasons. It is able to set your speed and make your effort count too. These are the commercially used treadmills as they are seen in gyms. Gone are the days when gyms used to have manual treadmills. Motorized treadmills are the best bet for fitness freaks these days. So if you are looking for huge changes in your body and great running experience and you have no issues with the price tag, than motorized treadmills are definitely a good choice to make.

3. Hybrid Treadmills

Hybrid treadmills are basically a combination of a treadmill and an elliptical machine. These are similar or are considered close to treadles. These offer you the movement of a belted treadmill along with the duo foot track design of a stepper. However, the treadles have upward and downward movement but the hybrid treadmill moves in circular motion of an elliptical. A hybrid treadmill is also known as tread-climber.

Training Intentions

Your treadmill buying decision is basically based on your intentions. How do you want to utilize it? What are you planning to use it for? Are you just trying to stay fit and healthy or you have proper training intentions? This basic query holds a lot of importance as it decides which type of treadmill is the best for you.

If you are training, be it running, sprints or whatever, a manual treadmill is definitely not your best bet. There are a lot of features which must be present in a treadmill in order to make your training count. For example, features like a great console which portrays your speed and progressions are really essential. Moreover, you need to an adequate motor which runs smoothly and doesn’t cause troubles now and then. Heart rate monitoring is now considered a huge must have for all the trainers out there as having an eye on how your heart is reacting to your speed is really vital. You don’t need to pat a lot and feel out of your pace soon. Therefore you need to make sure that your treadmill has a heart rate monitor. Also it needs to be usr friendly so that you don’t waste time in understanding its functionalities.


There is so much to consider while you are deciding to invest in a treadmill. If you know what your basic usage for the treadmill is then your decision will be easier to make. After knowing the basic types of treadmills, it is quite clear that manual treadmills are now a little out of date. If you are looking for a smart treadmill then you can rely on a proper motorized treadmill. Hybrid treadmills are trending too and majority of gyms have this type. So, make your decision smartly and make sure that you know which type is going to be the best for you.