Why you should run on a treadmill

Why should you run on a treadmill?

running on a treadmill

Drop the concept that treadmills are only for the winters when you need to stay indoors and work out. It is equally great for summers too. Majority of people keep a treadmill because they don’t have time to go out and jog or join a gym. Therefore, a treadmill is their best bet. If you are not a huge fan of running in the park then allow a treadmill to be your best friend. It makes running look fun and a lot of running haters actually used this equipment to jog or run.

Reasons to run on a Treadmill

There are obviously a lot of pros to a treadmill. Majority of people run on a treadmill and they are not fools, right? Gym instructors recommend treadmills to so many people and why do they do so? Here are some reasons why you should run on a treadmill or how it can be great to utilize? Let’s get started!

1. Less Stress on Knees and Feet

The cons that runners face are usually issues happening with their knees and feet. Due to a lot of stress they face a proper medical problem which is even termed as athletes’ foot. The stress causes several injuries to them now and then. This is why a lot of people quit running after a small time period. They get tired and their feet feel stressed. This is a he reason why you should try running on a treadmill and feel the difference yourself. The belt of the treadmill plays a huge role in supporting the thighs, hips and feet of a person and thus the stress is way lesser (almost near to none) than actual running.

2. Cuts down the Need of a Smart Watch

There is an endless diversity to sports and smart watches in the market these days. But let’s admit it that a lot of us do not afford the great ones. This is a huge reason to use a treadmill for. If you already have one then you don’t need a smart watch at all. it cuts down the need of it automatically.

3. Harsh Weathers can’t stop you

Oh! How much you hate it when you are all set to jog a mile or two and your motivation is on peak but it starts to rain? Oops, that is a huge thing to come face to face with. So instead of putting your running shoes away, you can easily run on a treadmill. No matter what the weather is, your running or jogging does not get interrupted. This is why people prefer a treadmill for the winter season. But it is equally incredible for the blistering sunny days too.

4. Let’s you be Comfortable

It is okay if you feel stressed or uncomfortable while running in parks, under the gaze of other people. It is quite normal and as a beginner, you will feel more awkward. This is why running on a treadmill is great. It lets you feel comfortable and allows you to work out in full swing without getting interrupted or feeling odd. Even gym makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. This is where again you need to run on a treadmill, in your own comfort zone and at your own pace.

5. It is Challenging

Running in the same boring park is not going to bring out the challenges from you. If you run on a treadmill, it is good to take your heartbeat to the upper zone gradually. This will allow you to keep challenging yourself to enhance your running skills and work out regularly and much better. Also the tracking systems (the console in all) is quite challenging in itself. You can keep track of the improvements you have made and that can motivate you internally.

6. Modern Technology at your Home

Treadmills have advanced immensely over time. heart rate monitoring, iPod docks, speakers, fitness tracking, touch systems, different modes and so much more allows you to be a master of your running at your home easily. You can also connect it to different apps and track your fitness in a much enhanced way too. Therefore, you get modern technology for your running right at home and what else could one ask for?

So you see now? All of these reasons are great to make you understand why you should run on a treadmill and why majority of people prefer it too.